ASL 3.0.13 Maintenance Update PDF Print E-mail
Written by Scott Shinn   
Wednesday, 12 October 2011 11:59

- Renamed asl-web-setup to asl-web-useradd
- Update to ASL Web that adds in error messages for non-existant tortix dbs
- Update to rule manager, deprecated level,active response,email and logging fields from waf per vhost rule settings
- Update to rule manager, add hids_check event for waf changes
- Update to integrity manager to handle missing global row conditions
- Update to ASL Web to show the defaults for the integrity manager as "yes"
- Bugfix #593, execstack -c update for normalizing input from config files containing ".
- Bugfix #671, update configuration to set escapeshellcmd variable
- Bugfix #XXX, fix to correctly disable logging for a waf event
- Bugfix #XXX, corrects a vulnerability reporting alignment issue when php53 is installed

To upgrade:
yum upgrade asl asl-web


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