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Atomic Secured Linux™ 4.0.12 (Huey)

By sshinn

Release Notes

This update includes a new remote shunning capability for the CloudFlare CDN service, and IPSET based shunning active responses. Multiple accounts are supported, as well as repeat offender detection.

In order to use this with your existing CloudFlare accounts:

1) Activate Cloudflare banning in ASL Web under:

Settings->ASL Configuration->Host Intrusion Detection System->Active Response: Enable Cloudflare Banning

and select Update

2) Enter your CloudFlare email address and API key under:

Settings->CloudFlare Client API

<email> <API Key>

click <add>

click <save changes>



  •  Add support for Cloudlinux 7
  •  Add IPSET firewall drop support
  •  Add firewall support to define custom types for DNS DDOS attacks
  •  Updates for mod_security 2.9 support
  •  Update configuration, add automatic cgroups config detection
  •  Update to support cpanel apache 2.2 to 2.4 transitions
  •  Retire SCANONACCESS setting from config. This is now merged with realtime malware scan settings
  •  Feature Request #1734, add Cloudflare active response integration
  •  Feature Request #1741, detect existing query cache settings
  •  Feature Request #1768, restrict module checks on openvz
  •  Feature Request #1774, ssh_check, sudo checks for requiretty
  •  Feature request #XXXX, ipset based active response support
  •  Bugfix #1761: firewall, exclude custom domain element if there are no defined custom domains
  •  Bugfix #XXX, psa_check, forces mode 4110 on plesk crontabmng if set to enabled
  •  Bugfix #XXX, database-setup, fix for remote DB support
  •  Bugfix #XXX, ASL Web, fixe issue when setting date+time for integrity scan from ASL Web
  •  Bugfix #XXX, ASL Web, include the generic input and output rules in running.fw when a modification is made via web
  •  Bugfix #XXX, ASL Web, fixes bug in web_validate preventing default user/group creation
  •  Bugfix #XXX, ASL Web, fix for missing privileges check on events_search data pulls
  •  Bugfix #XXX, firewall, fix for case mismatch on IP variable
  •  Bugfix #XXX, ASL Web, corrects html in event detail rendering
  •  Bugfix #XXX, ASL Web, fixes displayed mem usage in web
  •  Bugfix #XXX, firewall, adds firewall restart on unblock
To Upgrade1) aum -u

2) asl -s -f

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