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Atomic Secured Linux(TM) 4.0.15 (Bishop)

By sshinn

Release Notes

This is a maintenance update to ASL 4.0.15



  • Enabled Malware Genome Scanner by default
  • Added new option to apply blacklist to WAF, for systems that are incorrectly configured or behind a NAT firewall or incorrectly configured Proxy
  • Update AUM, config.template handling expanded to both HIDS and WAF updates
  • Bugfix #xxxx, ASL Web, corrects ampersand handling in WAF_REDIRECT_URL setting in ASL WEb
  • Bugfix #xxxx, ASL Web, allows wildcards in malware-detection
  • Bugfix #xxxx, ASL Web, Fixes mishanlding of unquoted comments in firewall rules in ASL Web
  • Bugfix #xxxx, ASL Web, Fixes waf category rule mapping in ASL Web
  • Bugfix #xxxx, Uninstaller, Make uninstaller exit if n is selected in yum

To Upgrade

1) aum -u

2) asl -s -f

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