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If you have a question we didn’t answer here, feel free to explore our other support resources or contact us directly. We will be happy to give you an overview of our products, ensure system compatibility and help determine which cyber security solution will work best for your needs.

Q: What is the benefit of using Atomic Security Products?

Peace of mind knowing that a team of security experts will work tirelessly to ensure that you have a security solution that will protect your system and provide on-demand support for all your security needs. If we distribute any component, be it a kernel, rules, modules, etc., we will support issues you may have with your integration, drivers, etc. We focus on building software such as AS/L that works on the widest range of hardware, with the most advanced and modern security features that will work on all platforms. This includes firewall extensions for STEALTH and MATCH support, the strongest stack protection in the world, special defenses against kernel module rootkits, cutting-edge countermeasures against the latest threats and more!

Q: What features will I get with Atomic Security for Linux/Windows?

  • A full SIM with a stand-alone web GUI
  • A fully integrated web application firewall
  • Event correlation and intelligent log reduction and alerting
  • A built-in vulnerability scanner with automatic vulnerability repair
  • Virtual patching
  • Zero Day protection
  • Brute force protection
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Self healing
  • Real-time anti-spam and anti-malware protection
  • Upload malware protection (Web and FTP)
  • Automatic redation
  • A secure and hardened kernel
  • Stack and heap protection
  • Role-based access control system and many many more features!

For the complete list of features, please refer to the complete ASL features page.

Q: What is included with the support?

Standard Support

Email-based support for Atomic Secured Linux the same business day during normal business hours (M-F / 7am – 7pm EST except on US Federal Holidays). Standard support accounts include one support portal account and support for one email contact.

Extended Support

24/7 support. Extended support customers also enjoy support for multiple contacts, multiple login accounts for the support portal, and phone support.

Q: I have a false positive, how do I report it?

Send the false positive to “” or press the “Report False Positive” button within the GUI. False positives are usually resolved and an update is released the same day they are reported, often within a few hours if the report was submitted during business hours.You can also follow the Reporting False Positives procedure that provides detailed instructions about how to report a false positives if you can not use the GUI, or if you choose to report it from the command line.”MODSEC version is not current. False reporting has been disabled.”If you see this message, your modsecurity rules are not up to date. Before reporting a false positive, make sure your rules are up to date. To do this, either click on the “Update” button in the AS/L web console, or run the command “aum -u” from the command line as root. It’s possible your issue has already been addressed, and if not, just update your rules and AS/L will let you report the false positive. We’ll then get right on it and get you a fix ASAP!

Q: What Linux distributions do you support?

As of January 2014, we officially support:

  • Centos 5, 6 and 7
  • Redhat Linux 5
  • Redhat Enterprise Linux 6 and 7
  • CloudLinux 5
  • CloudLinux 6
  • Amazon EC2 (We support RHEL and Centos on EC2, we do not support AMI and other customized distributions)
  • Trixbox 2.8


Q: Is Atomic Security easy to install?

Atomic Security for Linux/Windows was designed to be easy to install and use, and it will work with your existing operating system without replacing any core components. You just run one command and the AS/L installer will walk you through questions to configure itself for your unique needs. Just follow the instructions on the AS/L installation page. If you have any questions, please contact us. We’re always happy to help our customers.

Q: Is Atomic Security safe to install?

Yes. Atomic security for Linux/Windows was designed for high-SLA environments and comes with robust support for a company that understands the needs of high-SLA environments. Both AS/L and ASW have numerous built-in fail-safes to make them both easy to install and safe to use. For example, if AS/L detects that your kernel has an error on boot, it will reboot the system into the last known working kernel. This is a feature no Linux distribution includes, so installing AS/L will actually make sure your system is more stable and more reliable.

Q: Does installing Atomic Security products require any downtime?

No, it does not require you to take your system down. Our cyber security solutions are designed to be installed on running systems. You will want to reboot the system into the secure kernel, but you can do that any time. AS/L and ASW will operate normally without the secure kernel, and don’t require it to function. However, without the secure kernel you will still be vulnerable to the same kernel-level weaknesses and vulnerabilities that exist in all non-secure kernels. Therefore, we recommend that you run the secure kernel, which will require a reboot.

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