Atomic Enterprise ModSecurity

The most comprehensive, automated, and updated WAF to protect web applications and cloud workloads

Commercial-grade ModSecurity Web Application Firewall

  • More than 4,500 Modsecurity rules to shield your application
  • Daily updates to block the newest attacks
  • Full automated installation and updates eliminates manual work
  • Embeds directly within cloud workloads to ensure consistent protection
  • Built for DevOps, including seamless integration with Gitlab

Atomicorp WAF Comparison Matrix

Compare Atomicorp to OWASP, Trustware and AWS WAF

Atomic Enterprise Modsecurity offers more rules, faster updates, and more automation than any other WAF on market.

Download our comparison matrix to compare Atomicorp with OWASP, Trustwave, AWS WAF.

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Choose the Right WAF to Protect YourWeb Applications and Cloud Workloads

Atomicorp offers free and commercial WAF products through to comprehensive workload protection solutions to meet your security requirements.

Feature Atomic WAF Foundation Atomic Enterprise Modsecurity
Number of Rules 1500 4500+
Rules Editing    
Supports Unlimited Custom Rules    
Update Frequency Daily Daily
Basic Attack Blocking    
Brute Force Attacks    
Advanced Attacks Blocked (SSRF, XXE)    
Data Loss Prevention    
Realtime Malware Protection    
Supports Third Party RBLs    
Easy Geoblocking    
Content Scraping Protection    
Layer 7 DOC Protection    
Realtime Malware Removal System    
Automatic Whitelisting    
Scanner Blocker    
Proxy Abuse    
PageRank Protection    
Custom White/Blacklists    
AntiSpam Protection    
Machine Learning    
Real Time Threat Intelligence    
Virtual Patches    
Response Time for False Positives Same day Within the hour
Support Model Community 24/7/365
Included Software Modsecurity, Rule Manager, Rule Updater, Rules, Libraries Same as Foundation Plus GUI
Setup Process One Step Automated One Step Automated
Update Process One Step Automated Automated
Pricing Free with Registration Per Server or Workload Subscription