• Mike Shinn, CEO of Atomicorp, talks about SQL injections, database vulnerabilities and common methods for defense.
  • Learn what Virtual Patching is and how it can improve security.
  • What you value about your assets is often different from what hackers value. Mike Shinn, CEO of Atomicorp, discusses why its important to understand the hacker’s incentives.


“Meeting the SANS Critical Security Controls Using OSSEC”

Join John Pescatore of the SANS Institute and Mike and Scott Shinn from Atomicorp for this informative and educational webinar.



File Integrity Monitoring – Download our “Why FIM?” whitepaper.

PCI DSS Compliance – Download this PCI compliance whitepaper to see each of the PCI DSS requirements that can be met with the aid of software.

OSSEC Security – Download our “Extend the Power of OSSEC” guide.

Cloud Workload Protectoin and SASE – Download the “Endpoint Security and Moving to the Secure Acccess Service Edge” whitepaper.

Cloud Security & Compliance – Download the “3 Critical Capabilities for Cloud Security and Compliance” guide.


  • Use Atomic OSSEC for file integrity monitoring and IDS
  • Leverage Atomic Protector for endpoint and cloud workload protection
  • Learn how OSSEC users are extending the security, management and usability of the widely used open source security solution.
  • From automated compliance to security for legacy systems to huge cost reductions, find out the many benefits of using Atomic Protector (formerly AtomicWP) to shield workloads from attack.


  • Our own Casey Priester recently presented to ISSA-NOVA on how attacks such as SolarWinds Sunburst (Dark Halo) can be mitigated by knowing what controls to turn on, what to look for, and taking a defense-in-depth approach to lateral movement.
  • Watch this video to learn how hardened kernels in Ubuntu and CentOS images make your Docker containers secure.
  • Learn how cloud migration, containerization and IoT are impacting the security landscape.
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