Log Data Analysis

Automatic File Logging and Log Analysis

Log Data Analysis for Active Response and SIEM

How do you maintain hygiene on all the files and systems you use? Monitor file logs for security and compliance with Atomicorp automatic file logging and log data analysis.

Code streaming down our computer screens makes most of us seasick. Technology can be used to take some of this fast file monitoring away from human eyes and reflexes. Catch things at a rapid rate and keep monitoring long after a human has missed something or signed off to sleep.

We call this automatic log management and it performs log data analysis that reviews computing activity, user actions, things left out of place, and suspicious changes to the environment.


Automatic File Logging and Log Data Analysis

Most file logging tools don’t look for vulnerabilities in the system itself; they don’t question or change the security settings of the host software. Atomicorp automatic file logging and log data analysis goes farther, taking an active response approach that sends out alerts and automatically hardens security across the computing environment.

  • Analyze, alert, report. You can search for unusual activity, vulnerabilities, disturbances in the order of things, etc. Once isolated, analysis is performed, and alerts sent out. 
  • Push quarantined objects to the side while the automatic file logging continues. Works across servers, computers, VMs, containers, and major cloud platform provider environments.
  • Manage log events and route to SIEMs or other monitoring systems. This ability helps to visualize command line instruction data in a more graphical, pattern-oriented 3D manner.


Deep Inspection of File Logs via Endpoint and Cloud Workload Protection Platform, and Active Response

File logging has been a longstanding method to capture activity, real time and historical, from your environment. It’s still one of the best ways to help to figure out what’s going on for both security and compliance. With automatic file logging, your security system can be programmed to detect and stop malicious code (and learns to get better at this), while, additionally, data is streamed into a security information and event management (SIEM) system, where it can be visualized in terms of threat hunting, impact (vulnerability reports) and appropriate response.

Log Data Analysis - Vulnerability Repor


Learn more about the log data analysis capabilities in Atomicorp solutions, Atomic OSSEC and Atomic Protector.

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