Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention System from Atomicorp

Intrusion Detection System Limitations

An intrusion detection system (IDS) is hardware or software that monitors a network, hosts, or both, for malicious activity or security policy violations. Intrusion detection systems detect but they don’t always respond well across complex computing environments, including when sending information about malicious activities and security violations to a security information and event management (SIEM) system.

And like with pollen and an allergic reaction, too much security information can cause nervous-system, central-processing overload. A lot of alarms going off and a glut of data being highlighted isn’t a good thing, especially when the incidents involve high levels of false positives which can dilute attention from authentic threats.

Atomic OSSEC delivers an intrusion detection system that provides advanced file integrity monitoring, vulnerability scanning and management, threat analysis, and SIEM-based compliance and audit reporting that enable organizations to rapidly respond, detect, and protect themselves from intrusions.

Intrusion Protection System: Intrusion Detection and Response from Atomicorp

Atomicorp provides intrusion detection and response in an IDS/IPS called Atomic Protector. That’s intrusion detection, prevention, protection, and response in a single security system so your organization can:

  • Inventory, identify, and protect all computing endpoints, including those in the cloud.
  • Monitor systems for integrity, that is, perform real time file integrity monitoring (FIM).
  • Defend actively vs. defensively, and get alerts to actions taken.
  • Scan and respond to system vulnerabilities to prevent infection and lateral movement.
  • Reduce false positives through deep security learning and Atomic expertise.

Get security far advanced from that in today’s popular commercial software. Don’t settle for default security, your data is too important.

Atomic OSSEC Atomic Protector
Based on OSSEC’s solid open source foundation, Atomic OSSEC expands the capabilites to what businesses need today. With advanced SIEM log filtering that reduces the “noise” for security op centers and a light footprint that doesn’t break the bank on SOC costs. Atomic OSSEC also adds clustering, agent managent, reporting, security, vulnerability management, third party integration and compliance features to OSSEC, the world’s most popular open source server intrusion detection system.

Learn more about Atomic OSSEC‘s intrusion detection system (IDS).

For companies needing a comprehensive security solution with enterprise-level management and support for multiple installations in public, private or hybrid environments. Atomic Protector provides maximum protection across all platforms enhanced by our proprietary machine learning engine.

Learn more about Atomic Protector’s intrusion prevention system (IPS).


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Comprehensive Security in a Single Agent

  • A single self-contained on-premise security solution that incorporates file integrity monitoring, policy enforcement, system hardening, intrusion detection, log management and more.
  • Real-time automated compliance alerting and enforcement.
  • Monitors millions of files distributed across tens of thousands of systems in real-time with full tracking and capture of system file changes.

Automated Intrusion Prevention and Adaptive Security

  • Adaptive security based on global real-time threat intelligence across the OSSEC ecosystem.
  • Automatically interfaces with every open source software provisioning, configuration management and application deployment tool including Puppet, Chef and Ansible.
  • Automated protection of cloud workloads ensures that DevOps can operate at the speed required to deploy new, valuable features.

Runs Anywhere

  • Automated security that provides detection, protection and analytics for any environment.
  • Provides automated protection for workloads in multi-cloud, on-premise or hybrid environments eliminating the need for multiple solutions.
  • Enables system security for legacy systems including Solaris, HP-UX, and IBM AIX.
BSD, AIX, Solaris

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