Atomicorp Pricing

All Atomicorp products are flexibly priced based on the number of protected servers or cloud workloads. Volume discounts are available. Talk to one of our representatives today to get a quote for your specific use case.

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Atomic ModSecurity Rules

ModSecurity Rules & WAF

Protect web applications and APIs with the most comprehensive up-to-date WAF rules coverage.

More than 4,500 Preconfigured Modsecurity Rules

Daily Rules Updates

Easy Configuration

Automatic Updates

Antispam Protection

Integrated Threat Intelligence

Many More Enterprise Features

Priced per protected server

Atomic OSSEC

Server Intrusion Detection

Detect intrusion on servers and cloud workloads with an enhanced version of OSSEC.

Available on Premises and/or as Part of Cloud-based SaaS

Dedicated OSSEC GUI

More than 5,000 Preconfigured OSSEC Rules

Compliance Auditing and Reporting

File Integrity Monitoring

Log Management

Active Response

More than 20 Enterprise Features

Priced per protected server or workload

Atomic Protector

Cloud Workload Protection

Continuously protect virtual machines and containers in any public or private cloud.

Everything in Atomic Modsecurity Rules and Atomic OSSEC

Exploit Prevention

Memory Protection

System Hardening

Application Control


Many More Features

Priced per protected server or workload

Comparing OSSEC, Atomic OSSEC, and Atomic WP

Feature OSSEC Atomic OSSEC Atomic Workload Protection
Managed Service/SaaS Available      
Management Console (OSSEC GUI) Command Line    
More than 5,000 OSSEC Rules      
Advanced OSSEC Agent Management      
Advanced File Integrity Monitoring      
Native Cloud Provider Integration (AWS, Azure, GCP)      
Malware Protection      
Global Threat Intelligence      
Compliance Auditing & Reporting      
Role Based Access Control      
Report Generation System and Search Engine      
Configuration Management System      
Rollback Control System      
Native SIEM Integration (Splunk, Arcsight, others)      
Native ELK Integration      
Slack, PagerDuty, Jira Integrations      
Cloudflare Integration      
Output Data Routing      
Long Term Data Storage Integrations      
System and Application Inventory Module      
Advanced Encryption (PKI and Noise Socket)      
Exploit Prevention      
Memory Protection      
Web Application/API Protection      
Vulnerability Management      
Hardening System      
Firewall Policy Management      
Container Security Module      
Kernel Intrusion Protection System      
Denial of Service Protection