Security, PCI-DSS Compliance, and Risk Management

Atomicorp offers security, PCI-DSS compliance, and risk management for insurers

(Atomicorp offers PCI-DSS, PII, NYDFS and GDPR controls and risk management for insurers launching business services and tackling compliance. Address PCI-DSS and PII compliance and reduce risk with Atomicorp.)

Like financial service providers, insurance companies must be able to roll out new revenue-generating services quickly and securely, including ultra-secure cyber insurance offerings. Key in this secure rollout is the protection of insured party data across offices, employee devices, and over the internet and cloud. Responsible for this information, whether private or personally identifiable information (PII), insurers and their service providers face penalties and enormous risk should this data, or their systems, become compromised.

Protection of this PII is required by regulations and standards such as 23 NYCRR Part 500 (commonly known as NYDFS), GDPR (for companies doing business with persons in the European Union), GSA privacy policies in the U.S., and across financial and healthcare types of data (PCI-DSS and HIPAA).

Cybersecurity, PCI Compliance, and Risk Mitigation for Insurance Firms

Atomicorp brings powerful endpoint protection and cloud workload protection (i.e., segmentation) in an intrusion detection and response system based on open source security (OSSEC) principles. Known as Atomic OSSEC, the solution provides insurance companies with:

  • Advanced endpoint protection and active response. Atomic OSSEC delivers leading file integrity monitoring functionality as well as vulnerability management, audit control, SIEM, and workload protection to empower insurance companies to envision, control and report where their data is going.
  • Audit trails. Atomic OSSEC provides audit functionality designed to detect and respond to cybersecurity events that have a reasonable likelihood of harming any material part of the normal operations of the covered entity, as described in NYDFS.
  • Risk management and mitigation. Strong, defense-in-depth cybersecurity enables insurers to mitigate risk and drive down their own insurance costs. Atomicorp provides a multilayered protection outlay from your internal network endpoints to the internet and cloud where your distributed workforce goes to connect. What’s more, we can back up all files that we monitor and secure for you, contributing to sound data redundancy, risk management, and disaster preparedness programs.
  • PCI-DSS compliance and PII protection. Right out of the box, i.e., from the time you deploy Atomic OSSEC, you have the controls, detection, and expertise you need to meet the requirements of PCI-DSS, enabling accounts receivable systems to flourish. You’ll also be better able to address GSA privacy laws concerning PII, HIPAA across healthcare data, and GDPR across the EU.

Atomic OSSEC is available as an on-premises solution or as part of a managed hosted offering. Learn more about Atomic OSSEC.

Read the PCI-DSS compliance whitepaper to discover how to:

  • Drive a vulnerability management program – i.e., regularly update anti-virus protections and maintain secure applications.
  • Install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect customer data.
  • Implement strong access control measures – i.e., restrict access to customer account data and authorized users.
  • Change vendor-supplied defaults for system passwords and other security mechanisms.
  • And much more.

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