Hosting and Cloud Hosting

Securing Hosting and Cloud Hosting Environments

Atomicorp secures hosting environments via advanced but affordable security as a service (SecaaS), web application security, and WAF

You name it, these providers will host it for you. The hosting industry – which includes cloud hosting, web hosting, infrastructure hosting, server management services, VPS hosted services, SECAAS, mail hosting, FTP hosting, application hosting, and more – is a well-occupied and competitive industry that generally needs to maintain tight margins as it saves its own customers money. Strict operational focus is maintained on expenses including security related ones. These providers want every bit of bang for the buck from a respected security program and that’s why they come to Atomicorp.

Cybersecurity and WAF for Hosting and Cloud Hosting

Atomicorp provides hosting providers with:

  • Monthly billing. If you can’t bill monthly, you can’t serve this industry. Atomicorp brings monthly billing and a low cost of entry to a market where both these factors are requirements.
  • Web server protection using free or inexpensive versions of ModSecurity web application firewall (WAF) rules.
  • VPS hosting. Specializing in virtual private server (VPS) hosting security services, Atomicorp has a specific license for securing VPS servers. It also works across different operating systems and with virtual development and middleware platforms, such as VMWare and Virtuoso.
  • Endpoint protection. We protect hosting providers servers, devices, and cloud workloads. An OSSEC-based protection platform for Linux, Atomic Protector provides a single server Linux hardening system. It’s equipped with file integrity monitoring (FIM), HIDS, HIPS, antivirus (AV), kernel control, WAF, and a lot more. You want to know when there’s a threat on the attack surface, and Atomicorp solutions excel at informing you of this.
  • FIM. Arguably the most important security capability today, file integrity monitoring (FIM) tells you if anything changed. And if anything did change, Atomicorp’s advanced FIM will be able to tell you what and have a forensic copy of that.
  • Virtual patching and active response. Just in time patching. No patching at all, really. This is where you get to the point where it no longer makes sense to deploy teams out to the distributed equipment to reconfigure it and force end users to apply patch releases. You want the security enhancement to kind of be beamed across your computing environment and effective immediately. This is where rapid security as a service (SecaaS) from Atomicorp makes sense.
  • We also provide a security offering for the Plesk Platform and C-Panel (control panel offerings). A popular type of software, control panels let less techy folks web host. But these control panels require security, so Atomicorp real-time security is easily available to protect hosting providers and their customers. There’s strong security support for WordPress environments, too.

Learn more about Atomic ModSecurity Rules for web application security and WAF capabilities. Download the ModSecurity solution overview. Check out Atomic OSSEC for FIM and endpoint intrusion detection system. Go all in on security with Atomic Protector.

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