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TickStream.KeyID is a fully integrated Windows authentication security solution, like Windows Hello, that uses keystroke analytics to confirm identity at log in, protecting Windows 10 users against credential theft or misuse. 

Even if someone else obtains a user’s password, TickStream.KeyID stops them from gaining access to your windows desktop. 

It is virtually invisible for users, providing completely frictionless multifactor authentication (MFA) without negatively impacting your user experience. All you do is continue entering your password, just like normal, and TickStream.KeyID adds an invisible new layer of protection to enhance security and privacy.

The TickStream.KeyID logs are easily consumed in the OSSEC manager, and additional CEF feeds are available, providing insight and context about potentially compromised or shared credentials.

TickStream.KeyID is perfect for individuals, small business, and enterprises who need to fortify passwords and secure logins. It is especially important for remote work, where it is less certain who may have access to your computer. It is not dependent upon tokens or access to devices and requires little to no user training.


    • Easy for users
    • Not dependent on access to a smartphone
    • No tokens or fobs to manage
    • No fixed biometric privacy worries
    • Little to no user training required
    • Works online and offline
    • Only measures keystroke timing, does not record your password
    • Data encryption
    • Truly frictionless multifactor authentication
    • Fortifies Passwords
    • Easy access login activity reporting
    • Easy on, easy off

MFA doesn’t have to be cumbersome – get started with TickStream.KeyID today on a 90-day free trial.

Cost: $3 per user per month (contact us for a quote on volume discounts)