OSSEC Extensions

Plugins to Extend the Capabilities of OSSEC

Intensity Analytics

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TickStream.KeyID is a fully integrated Windows authentication security solution, like Windows Hello, that uses keystroke analytics to confirm identity at log in, protecting Windows 10 users against credential theft or misuse. 




Integrates OSSEC with Slack, allowing your OSSEC system to send alerts to your Slack workspace, specific channels, or specific users.

Rule Generator


Generates OSSEC rules from other security products. For example, takes modsecurity rules and generates unique OSSEC rules for each modsecurity rule, allowing you to tune OSSEC for unique events, instead of treating all events from your WAF, IDS or other security product the same.

Demisto Integration


Integrates OSSEC with Palo Alto Demisto platform, providing a powerful alert in the SOAR environment.


Download Integrates OSSEC with Unisys Stealth platform, allowing your OSSEC deployment to isolate infected endpoints onto a secure isolated VLAN, to control microsegmentation.


Download Integrates OSSEC with Cloudflare, allowing your OSSEC hub to control firewall rules in Cloudflare, extending your security peremeter and preventing false positives.