MSSP Enablement

Respond Rapidly, Reduce SIEM Costs, and Improve SOC Efficiency

Leverage Security Automation to Focus Only on the Events that Matter

Automation Provides Flexibility, Rapid Response and Reduced Risk

  • Automated security and compliance monitoring enables rapid adaptation to ever-changing regulatory requirements.
  • Automation of security maximizes security resources and minimizes impact from the severe lack of cybersecurity talent.
  • Automatic remediation provides protection from risk and non-compliance.

Improve Your Ability to Respond to Customers

  • Higher data fidelity enables you to meet the demands for rapid response and adapt to the dynamic nature of the security landscape.
  • Continuous monitoring immediately identifies anything out of compliance and automated remediation ensures that compliance is maintained.
  • Advanced filtering reduces the “noise” by eliminating non-security related alerts enabling faster response and efficiency.

Simplify and Enforce Compliance

  • Automated security and compliance monitoring continuously scans your workloads.
  • Automated remediation ensures a continuous state of compliance for all workloads.
  • Supports virtually all compliance protocols; PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, NIST, JSIG.
  • Robust compliance reporting for auditors and risk governance / management.
Cloud Compliance - PCI, HIPAA, NIST, GDPR

Reduce Costs to Ensure Higher Margins

  • SIEM costs are always increasing. Reducing the amount of data going into the SIEM by up to 80% dramatically reduces costs without fidelity degradation.
  • Ensures protection from costly compliance lapses with automated, continuous security compliance and remediation.
  • Automation minimizes the need for highly skilled and expensive security experts.
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