ModSecurity Solutions

ModSecurity Rules & WAF Solutions

Atomicorp offers three solutions for your ModSecurity and WAF needs ranging from free ModSecurity rules to commercial turn-key WAF virtual appliances.

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Free ModSecurity Rules

Our Free ModSecurity Rules product gives you with basic protection from web attacks with a simple install. All it takes is a simple registration.


Atomic ModSecurity Rules

If you need complete protection for your websites and 24/7/365 commercial support, Atomic ModSecurity Rules is available for only $225 per server per year. Bulk pricing is available for larger installations.

Need it for proxy servers? Contact sales about our proxy version of Atomic ModSecurity Rules.


Atomic WAF

If you need a turn-key easy to install WAF solution with management console, GUI based rule editing, and out-of-the-box management and compliance reports, Atomic WAF is ready at only $300 per server per year*. Bulk pricing is available for larger installations. Ask for a bulk pricing quote.

* Minimum of 5 licences.

ModSecurity Comparison

Feature Free ModSecurity Rules Atomic ModSecurity Rules Atomic WAF
Cost Free $225 per server per year. Bulk discounts avail. $300 per IP/Server. Bulk discounts avail.
Enterprise-level Support      
Number of Rules Hundreds Thousands Thousands
Supports Unlimited Custom Rules      
Update Frequency Periodically Daily Daily
Response Time for False Positives Community support Within the hour Within the hour
Support Model Community 24/7/365 24/7/365
Basic Attack Blocking      
Scanner Blocker      
Proxy Abuse      
Custom White/Blacklists      
Supports Third Party RBLs      
Easy Geoblocking      
Virtual Patches      
PageRank Protection      
Brute Force Attacks      
Advanced Attacks Blocked (SSRF, XXE)      
Data Loss Prevention      
Realtime Malware Protection      
Content Scraping Protection      
Layer 7 DOS Protection      
Realtime Malware Removal System      
Automatic Whitelisting      
Machine Learning      
AntiSpam Protection      
Real Time Threat Intelligence      
Management Console      
Rules Editing Command Line Command Line GUI
Management Reports      
Compliance Reports      
Role based access control GUI      
MFA SSO integration in GUI      
Cloudflare Integration      
Included Software Rules only Modsecurity, Rule Updater, Rules, Libraries Modsecurity, Rule Updater, Rules, Libraries, Full management GUI and CWPP for appliance
Setup Process Manual One Step Automated One Step Automated
Update Process Manual Automated Automated
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