PCI-DSS Compliance

Atomic Controls for PCI-DSS Compliance

Turnkey PCI-DSS Compliance System

Are you PCI ready out of the box? That is, are you able to meet PCI-DSS requirements with the security and compliance software platform you’re on?

PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a collection of security controls that businesses and government agencies that collect credit card data are required to implement, or otherwise face financial penalties and suspended credit card transactional privileges. If an organization does not receive payment card information, but is responsible for storing or transmitting such data, it can still be held accountable under the PCI-DSS requirements.

Looking to facilitate PCI-DSS compliance, avoid costly ongoing financial penalties, and stay ahead of security and privacy concerns?

Want to leverage the catalytic nature of CIS controls toward PCI-DSS compliance in a powerful FIM and intrustion detection system?

Atomicorp endpoint and cloud workload protection products can be used to help organizations meet 99 of the PCI-DSS controls.
Atomic OSSEC for PCI-DSS Compliance

Explore the 99 PCI-DSS requirements that can be met with the aid of Atomic OSSEC and Atomic Protector tools and experience. These capabilities include:

  • Maintaining a vulnerability management program – i.e., regularly update anti-virus protections and maintain secure applications.
  • Installing and maintaining a firewall configuration to protect cardholder data.
  • Implementing strong access control measures – i.e., restrict access to cardholder data and authorized users.
  • Changing vendor-supplied defaults for system passwords and other security mechanisms.
  • Protecting ‘stored’ cardholder data.
  • Guarding against employee theft of data.
  • Guarding against internet-based intrusions.
  • Regularly monitoring and testing networks – monitor and track all access to network resources and cardholder data; routinely test processes and systems.
  • And more.
Atomic OSSEC Atomic Protector
The Atomicorp endpoint protection solution, Atomic OSSEC, can be used to help organizations easily meet PCI-DSS controls.

Learn more about Atomic OSSEC‘s intrusion detection system (IDS).

For companies needing a comprehensive security solution with enterprise-level management and support for multiple installations in public, private or hybrid environments. Atomic Protector provides maximum protection and PCI-DSS compliance across all platforms. It meets 99 of the PCI-DSS controls.

Learn more about Atomic Protector’s intrusion prevention system (IPS) for PCI-DSS compliance.


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