Security Operations Center (SOC) Enablement

Reduce SIEM Costs and Security Operations Complexity

While Improving Security and Productivity

Reduce SIEM Data by 80%

  • Eliminates the amount of data going into your SIEM by filtering out events that aren’t attacks.
  • Improves identification of true security events which leads to faster remediation.
  • Dramatically reduces costs as most SIEM vendors charge by the volume of transactions
OSSEC implementation decreased data into SIEM by 80%

Improve SOC Security

  • Improved fidelity of data going into your SIEM enables improvements in the security posture of your SOC.
  • Eliminating the avalanche of SIEM alerts improves cyber analysts’ performance.
  • Faster identification and remediation of attacks increase security.

Increase SOC Productivity

  • Decreases in the number of false positives eliminates wasted time on responding to non-security events.
  • Better data results in faster response and remediation.
  • Eliminating the “noise” makes the SOC more productive which in turn, reduces SOC costs.
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