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  OSSEC Conference 2023 - OSSEC Con2023


Join Us for OSSEC Con2023!

This event registration is for the free Conference Sessions on Feb 7th and 8th. After registering for Conference Sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to register for the hands-on Training Sessions, Feb 9th & Feb 10th.

Get open source security expertise and software support at the OSSEC Conference 2023, Tuesday, Feb. 7 through Friday, Feb. 10. The show will focus on a variety of key organizational security topics, including file integrity monitoring (FIM) and getting the most out of OSSEC and ModSecurity. The four-day virtual show (two full days of sessions; two half-days of ‘hands-on’ training with your own environment) will highlight:

* Leveraging FIM (a record of what changed) for both advanced security and compliance.

* Cross-platform security and support for open source and commercial software, including legacy operating systems such as AIX, OpenVMS, HP-UX, Solaris, as well as end of life (EOL) Windows versions.

* The importance of web application security, and the advantages of the open source ModSecurity WAF toward immediately combating today’s web-based attacks.

* Security across hybrid legacy and modernized environments. Search events using a full-text search, correlation and analysis engine and GUI. Facilitate SIEM by supporting a wider spectrum of operating systems, APIs, cloud infrastructures, clusters, and firewalls.

* Attack techniques and how these could have been detected and stopped using just open source tools.

* And much more.

Conference Cost:  Free
Training & Certification Cost: $100


OSSEC Conference 2023

OSSEC Con2023 Training & Certification


Thursday, Feb 9 & Friday, Feb 10 – 9:00am to 5:00pm


Hands-on virtual environment training with OSSEC and Atomic OSSEC. With 15 hours of guidance in environments for OSSEC and Atomic OSSEC. Training sessions and certification will be Feb 9 & 10. At the end of training, there will be a test and practical exercise to complete OSSEC Engineer Certification.

Cost: $100


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We are recording our virtual conferences and webinars and making them available for free! Just fill out the form and you’ll instantly get access to a growing list of OSSEC sessions. You’ll get 9+ hours (and growing with each conference) of insights on many OSSEC and cybersecurity topics.