Security and Compliance at the Speed of DevSecOps

Comprehensive, Automated Security Platform

Automated Security Hardening and Compliance

  • A comprehensive, automated security platform like AtomicWP enables DevOps to meet security and compliance requirements without the need for security experts.
  • Automated testing with near real-time actionable information during the development process identifies vulnerabilities immediately.
  • Automated system hardening eliminates unauthorized software deployment.
Compliance - PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, NIST
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Supporting the Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery Model

  • Security automation is key in preventing security requirements from slowing down the DevOps CI/CD process.
  • AtomicWP fits directly into the CI/CD process by natively integrating with automation platforms including Puppet, Ansible and Chef.
  • AtomicWP provides policy enforced container security and visibility in dynamic containerized environments.

DevOps Cost Reduction

  • With a light footprint and only 3% overhead, AtomicWP enables comprehensive security and compliance without excessive cloud costs which DevOps are responsible for.
  • Advanced SIEM filtering eliminates non-security related events from being passed to the SIEM which further reduces DevOps costs.
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