Atomic ModSecurity Rules

Hundreds of Modsecurity WAF Rules to Protect Applications Against Web Attacks

Atomic ModSecurity WAF Rules Offers the World's Most Comprehensive WAF Protection

ModSecurity Protection

WAF Rules to Strengthen ModSecurity Against:

  • SQL injection
  • Cross-site scripting
  • Cross-site request forgery
  • Encoding abuse
  • Protocol abuse
  • Unicode and UTF-8 attacks
  • HTTP smuggling


  • Path recursion
  • Web spam
  • Shells
  • Spam tools
  • Mailers
  • Malicious iFrames
  • and much more
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Atomic ModSecurity Rules Provide Real-time:

  • Security patches to ensure that you are continuously protected
  • IP blacklists to protect against spammers with dynamic updates as new nefarious IP addresses are identified
  • Malicious domain blocking by identifying domains hitting one set of serves and using that data to automatically protect all other Atomicorp protected servers
  • Updates to ModSecurity rules and CLAMAV rules
Atomicorp ModSecurity Rules
Web Application Firewall ModSecurity Rules

Web Application Firewalls Need ModSecurity Rules

  • Atomicorp developed the first ModSecurity rule set and maintains the largest number of active WAF rules that support server types from Tomcat and Nginx to IIS, LightSpeed and Apache.
  • Atomic ModSecurity Rules are the most comprehensive WAF rule set in the industry, have the highest level of quality and are fully backed by expert support.
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