AV and Antimalware

Central antivirus management for Linux, Windows, AIX, Solaris

Why antivirus is needed on servers, too

To some, antivirus (AV) often means desktop and endpoint protection, not server protection.

Conversely, for others, AV is a piece of defense-in-depth, zero trust best practice on servers, particularly in environments where the risk of system and data compromise is too great and they must detect and thwart viruses and malware, regardless of how the payload got there. An attack surface for malware can still exist on internal servers, for example, through compromised endpoints via “east to west” attacks, end of life (EOL) system vulnerabilities, software supply chain infiltration, thumb drives, and too often simply through a tricked or compromised insider.

Discover how you can fortify your server environments without affecting system performance. Check out powerful but lightweight Atomic OSSEC for server AV and endpoint and cloud workload protection.

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Optimize AV protection on Linux, Windows, AIX servers, etc.

ClamAV is an open source Linux OS antivirus (AV) solution that can detect and remove various types of malware, including trojans, worms, and rootkits. It’s widely regarded as the best free AV scanner. However, it eats up a lot of memory, is limited on features, and isn’t intuitive to use. Central AV management from Atomicorp’s Atomic OSSEC makes ClamAV enterprise grade, adding memory protection, centralized management and logging and centralized control including scheduled scans. 

AV and antimalware features for your server endpoints should include:

Easy-to-orchestrate real-time detection.

Automatically register servers with protection and schedule enterprise AV scans across different systems or for select configuration groupings in your organization. Apply thorough and continuous scanning to detect subtle traces of intrusion, with concentrated bandwidth-optimized antivirus, antimalware, real-time file integrity monitoring (FIM), and behavioral analysis at connections in a system. 

Malware memory scanning.

Unlike a file system level scanner, a memory scanner will watch everything that utilizes the operating system. The advantage is better, deeper, real-time AV and antimalware coverage, and with Atomic OSSEC detection engine it’s not a big drain on memory or on processing power.

Load optimization.

Ensure your AV solution(s) is configured to monitor with smart precision across Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Unix (AIX, Solaris, and HP-UX) signature sets and environments, and that you don’t waste human and processing resources. Atomic OSSEC lessens the load with optimized AV management that makes ClamAV and AV deployment more efficient (92 percent reduction in memory usage on Linux and AIX). 

Built-in update management and response.

Get more from your antivirus by triggering response, including patch alerts, patch automation, event analysis, and further preventative actions such as endpoint isolation.  

Versatile virus and malware prevention.

Protect your servers with a flexible and lightweight AV solution that works across both modern and end-of-life operating systems (OSs) and applications, including Red Hat 5, Ubuntu 16, Windows XP, Solaris 11, and HP-UX 11i, and more. Stops worms, viruses, rootkits, and bots.

Lateral movement prevention.

Additional defense-in-depth integrated features such as east-west payload monitoring are a crucial security layer against lateral attacks. Atomicorp FIM goes deep. Be able to isolate the malware and infected endpoint—even if the bug is within the “trusted” software supply chain—and remove hostile stowaway code and prevent spread.

A GUI for SIEM analysis and compliance.

Command line (CLI) visibility isn’t sufficient for today’s organizational security needs and regulatory requirements. Be able to examine myriad SIEM data, orchestrate security, harden defense, monitor in isolation, and also capture artifacts for auditing, reporting, and compliance.


Atomic OSSEC for Central Antivirus Management

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