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Atomic Secured Linux Now Available to All Plesk Users

Atomicorp has a long history with Plesk. My brother Scott and I were co-founders of Plesk in 1999. When we founded Atomicorp, we had Plesk users in mind. Just like Plesk made server management an easier task through automation, we set out to automate server security. People now understand that cybersecurity is everyone’s problem. It’s no longer a problem faced by other people, by only the biggest companies, by banks or other companies. So, that left most IT organizations facing two problems: the rise of cyber attacks and cybersecurity tools that required hoards of experts to operate.

Atomicorp set out to address both problems. We deliver a set of security tools that proactively protect Linux servers and automate key security defenses using approaches that are easily managed by non-experts and experts alike. We are announcing this week that our full stack of security defenses are available for Plesk user as extensions. That means they are certified to support Plesk installations and come with out-of-the-box integration.

Three Levels of Protection

Plesk users can choose from three levels of protection. First, if you are a Plesk user, you already have access to Atomicorp’s standard web application firewall (WAF) rules. It’s embedded into Plesk at no charge. The Atomic Secured WAF standard rules are designed to work with Modsecurity’s open source WAF and protect servers from entire classes of attacks, including the one that took down Equifax.

The next level up for protection includes the Atomic Secured WAF advanced rules. They also work with Modsecurity, because as you know, that software doesn’t include any rules which is where the actual protection elements reside. Atomicorp’s advanced WAF rules protect users from targeted attacks such as HTTP smuggling, SQL-injection, cross-site scripting, web spam, search engine page rank hijacking, watering hole attacks, web malware and many others. It also includes real-time patching and real-time blacklisting capabilities. Atomicorp customers were already protected from many of the high profile attacks of the past two years because those vulnerability classes are automatically blocked by design.

Finally, you have unmatched full-stack server protection offered by Atomicorp’s new Plesk Extension for Atomic Secured Linux (ASL). ASL protects web and application servers of any size or configuration that are running Linux. The added protections include a complete host intrusion detection system (HIDS) and host intrusion protection system (HIPS) as well as the industry’s most secure kernel, rootkit protection, malware protection, brute force attack prevention, virtual patching, next generation firewall, network based intrusion detection and prevent (NIDS/NIPS), a powerful SIEM, a full WAF and defense from most zero-day attacks.

We Make Plesk More Secure

Plesk is a great tool for server administration and it is an even better choice because you can now lock it down and prevent the vast majority of cybersecurity attacks just by adding Atomicorp’s software. I encourage you to learn more about our Plesk offerings here. Also, if you have any questions at all, please fill out the form below.