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Atomicorp Adds Amazon Alexa to OSSEC Cybersecurity Solution

Amazon Alexa has ushered in a new era of voice interaction for consumers and the enterprise. Over 47 million consumers in the U.S. have access to a smart speaker at home and last fall Amazon Echos started showing up in the workplace based on the Alexa for Business framework. Atomicorp immediately recognized that voice interaction could bring great benefit to many enterprises by making security data accessible to a new set of users such as executives and other non-technical personnel.

You might not want to give these types of users access to your security software and they probably wouldn’t know how to access or interpret the data even if you did. Alexa makes it dead simple for anyone to ask about attack volume and the company’s current security posture. We also added the ability for security personnel to block and unblock countries with a short spoken phrase. It is the fastest way to change OSSEC configurations.

In the short video below, Scott Shinn, Atomicorp CTO and OSSEC project leader, demonstrates Alexa integration with OSSEC. He presented this for the first time at OSSEC Conference 2018 and many people said it was the highlight of the event.



Add Alexa to Your OSSEC Installation

If you would like to add Alexa to OSSEC, Atomicorp can help. Please click the button below and we will set up a time to discuss how you can add voice interaction features to make OSSEC data more accessible and efficient in your enterprise.

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