Atomicorp Continues Commitment to ModSecurity Rules Software, Service and Expertise as Trustwave ‘Sunsets’ ModSec Support - Atomicorp - Unified Security Built on OSSEC

Atomicorp Continues Commitment to ModSecurity Rules Software, Service and Expertise as Trustwave ‘Sunsets’ ModSec Support

CHANTILLY, Va., Nov. 23, 2021 / – Atomicorp, an endpoint and cloud workload protection vendor, today announced an ongoing commitment to provide commercial support for ModSecurity users, including subscription rule sets and professional support. ModSecurity, an open source web application firewall (WAF) that organizations use to protect web applications and sites from web attacks, has been a staple of the open-source web security community for nearly two decades. Atomicorp is dedicated to supporting the ModSecurity community, the development of custom WAFs, and the DevSecOps-oriented web application security developers that use them.

Atomicorp makes this announcement following the August 2021 announcement by Trustwave that it would no longer be supporting ModSecurity. Trustwave also set a date for end-of-support for its ModSecurity rule set. The move leaves Atomicorp as the primary commercial ModSecurity rules provider in the industry.

“We are more than happy to support Trustwave ModSecurity users, whether they wish to keep the Trustwave rules or upgrade to an Atomicorp commercial rules feed,” said Michael Shinn, the founder and CEO of Atomicorp, which has supported ModSecurity since its initial release in 2002.

“ModSecurity is the most widely used web application firewall in the world,” Shinn said. “It is unfortunate that Trustwave chose to drop support for ModSecurity, but we are ready and willing to take the lead in providing support for this important and versatile web security solution.” He added, “We’ve been with ModSecurity the longest – since the very beginning – and we are committed to continue to enthusiastically support it for the foreseeable future.”

 Atomicorp currently offers three ModSecurity solutions: Free ModSecurity Rules, commercial  ModSecurity Rules, and a standalone GUI based WAF. Atomic ModSecurity Rules and Atomic WAF customers receive 24/7/365 support, continuous rule enhancement, custom rule support, and evolving defense-in-depth (multilayered) defense against DoS, ransomware and the latest web attacks.

About Atomicorp

Atomicorp is a security and compliance provider, based in Chantilly, VA, specializing in endpoint and cloud workload protection and ModSecurity deployments. Atomicorp leverages the power of the world’s most widely used open source security solution, OSSEC, to detect malicious activity and protect business-critical workloads, regardless of where they reside.