DC Inno Features Atomicorp CEO Michael Shinn - Atomicorp - Unified Security Built on OSSEC

DC Inno Features Atomicorp CEO Michael Shinn

Recently, DC Inno interviewed CEO Michael Shinn to get his take on running a cybersecurity startup and the industry itself. The article highlights Atomicorp’s growth, like gaining Texas Instruments and Century Link as customers and adding former Mach37 director Rick Gordon to its board of directors. But in the article, Shinn also discussed the challenges of running a successful security company, the challenges the cybersecurity industry is facing today and why Atomicorp’s approach is different:

“The primary approach that everyone tries to use to solve this problem revolves around really smart and expensive cybersecurity people and that approach doesn’t scale. For every three job openings in this industry, there’s one qualified person for it. We decided that we needed to develop technologies and products that were built for people who didn’t know anything about cybersecurity and were still just as powerful as the other products out there.”

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