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Free ModSecurity Rules From Leading OSSEC Provider

Free ModSecurity Rules provide 100s of rules and basic tools to protect your web application infrastructure and limit false positives. Leveraging our Free ModSecurity Rules provides a starting foundation for threat detection and response, always-on protection, automated tasks, reporting, and compliance.

Why ModSecurity?

Attack surfaces continue to expand and cyber adversaries are going after the exposure points, and web services make up the vast majority of every organization’s attack surface. IT security teams are often small or overwhelmed by tasks and simply can’t get to everything, especially when it comes to keeping up with the pace of new business application adoption and growing remote work. ModSecurity is an open source and free web application firewall, but it’s only as good as the rules it has to work with.

Why Atomicorp?

Atomicorp has been writing ModSecurity rules since ModSecurity came out. No one has more experience, or a more mature set of ModSecurity rules than Atomicorp. When the protection of your web applications is on the line, why trust your security to anyone else but the world’s experts on ModSecurity. 

Free ModSecurity Rules

Our Free ModSecurity Rules product provides you with everything to get started protecting your web applications and servers. It includes ModSecurity, the rules that tell it what to block and allow, and an easy-to-use installer and updater to keep everything up to date and secure.  With our free rules package, you get basic protection from web attacks with a simple install. 

The call today is for turn-it-on-and-let-it-work-for-you security. All it takes is a simple registration to get:

  • Basic threat detection and response tools
  • Regular updates of detection for new attacks, support for new applications, and other security enhancements
  • Custom exceptions/acceptance lists
  • 24x7x365 protection
  • Community support

Our Free ModSecurity Rules Package, which offers the above security rules and functions and more, are an immediate cost saver and we encourage organizations to take advantage. But you need to know how to install and use the open-source rules and tools to get the most out of the free ModSecurity offer.

Do you need a managed detection and response (MDR) service provider to turn this all on for you? To run the system? Maybe, maybe not.

Atomic ModSecurity Rules

If you’re serious about web security, then upgrade to our Atomicorp Modsecurity Rules package. With advanced protection against today’s biggest threats, virtual patches for the latest vulnerabilities in web applications, data loss protection, brute force attack protection, and more, Atomic ModSecurity Rules is the next generation in web security.

Atomic Modsecurity Rules gives you:

  • 24/7/365 commercial support
  • Next-generation web protection from the latest threats
  • The ability to stop cross site scripting, SQL injection, code injection, CSRF, and other modern web attacks
  • Virtual patches for zero day vulnerabilities in web applications
  • Brute force protection
  • Search engine page rank protection (a capability only available in Atomic Modsecurity Rules and Atomic WAF)
  • Data loss protection
  • Web spam protection
  • Malware upload protection
  • Transparent malware removal (an Atomicorp exclusive), which silently removes malicious code from web pages before it reaches the browser, all without changing a single line on the code on the system itself
  • Real-time global threat intelligence
  • IP reputation blocking
  • Geoblocking
  • Custom rules support
  • And more

And if you need a turnkey WAF solution, with a powerful and easy-to-use web console, then you’ll want to use Atomic WAF, which gives you everything in our Atomic Modsecurity Rules package, plus a turnkey web application firewall (WAF) with a powerful and easy-to-use web console, advanced protection, 24/7/365 commercial support and more. Use the Atomic WAF to secure your web and cloud applications, where the digital attack surface is expanding and from which lateral movement threatens to infiltrate and exfiltrate your private data from different angles.

Features include: 

  • Over 5,000 ModSecurity rules.
  • The expert support and automation that your small team needs to detect and prevent cyberattacks, empowering risk and damage remediation at any time, beyond human capacity.
  • Access to events and use of custom, persona-based reports to capture that data.
  • Easy or pre-built integration with major cloud platform providers and security vendor tools.
  • Role-based access control.
  • Integration with single sign on platforms, including GSuite, Active Directory, Office365, OpenID and more.
  • Reporting and visibility toward security and compliance. 
  • Compliance with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, NIST, CMMC, and others.
  • Superior cost in terms of money and time. It takes time to set up something. Atomic WAF can be set up in minutes, and it’s easy to manage once live. 

Register for Free ModSecurity Rules.

Learn more about Atomic ModSecurity Rules and Atomic WAF.