Cloud Workload Protection and SASE Whitepaper

What Is Workload? The Need for Cloud Workload Protection, and the Secure Access Service Edge

What is Workload?


Workload… you might remember the days when ‘workload’ meant the things you had to accomplish, the things on your plate. But now it means the automation and artificial intelligence that’s processing data for your organization (compute, analyze, and store and serve). ‘Workload’ is a computing term basically meaning “all your computing, whether you’re conscious of it or not.” Read the Cloud Workload Protection and SASE whitepaper.


What is Cloud Workload Protection?


In the valuable computing workload conversation, cloud workload protection is a necessity because small and large enterprises rely on the worldwide web and cloud for processing and storage and access. Laying outside your private network, the cloud represents a loss of visibility and control, a threat.

Working blind in the cloud? It doesn’t have to be that way. Read the Cloud Workload Protection and SASE whitepaper.


Cloud Workload Protection Platform


The whitepaper explores a commercial endpoint and cloud workload protection platform that provides asset inventory, file integrity monitoring, vulnerability management, SIEM, and more, enabling you to:

  • Know your assets. How can you protect something if you don’t know it exists?
  • Inspect payload and state with file integrity monitoring. A good FIM tool should monitor more than just the files and data stores containing sensitive data.
  • Protect your endpoints and cloud workloads to create a secure access service edge (SASE). Endpoints are servers, laptops, routers, firewalls, VMs, containers and more. Defend these assets with end-user protections such as strong AV, device hardening, 2FA, intrusion detection and prevention, and vulnerability scanning, and cloud workload protection that scans hybrid cloud data center architectures.
  • View alerts of unusual network activity in an integrated SIEM console.
  • And more.


Read the Cloud Workload Protection and SASE Whitepaper