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Atomicorp Launches Linux Security Podcast

Today, Atomicorp formally launches the Linux Security Podcast. Why? Well, we get a lot of questions about Linux and security and have been working across these two domains for about 25 years. There is clearly interest in discussing these topics, learning more about about them and also shedding light on the latest high-profile exploits and vulnerabilities.
For our first two podcasts, we went old school. Brute Force Attacks were among the very first attack types (e.g. remember the movie War Games) and File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) was one of the first two or three security software tools. It came after passwords, but was right there with the first firewalls. Tomorrow, we will go new school and release a podcast the breaks down the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities.


Where to Listen

You have some options when it comes to listening to the Linux Security Podcast. It is available today on Atomicorp’s website and through Apple Podcasts / iTunes. It will soon be available in Stitcher, Google Play Music (N.B. they are shutting this down probably later this year) and SoundCloud. We expect to add it to Acast as well and if you have a favorite podcast player that you would like us to support drop us a note and we will set about distributing it there.


The Hosts and Format

The Linux Security podcast will publish each week and feature Mike and/or Scott Shinn. We will likely have some other people on the show from time to time (N.B. happy to collect guest suggestions below), but most of the episodes will draw on Mike and Scott’s many years of experience and specific expertise in security and Linux. We may discuss Windows on occasion when relevant and don’t hate on us when we do.

A typical weekly format will be an 8-12 minute conversation on a specific security topic. However, a few of these may stretch to 18-22 minutes. Again, no hatin’ on the hosts. Some topics merit more detail and extra time. Tomorrow’s discussion of Meltdown and Spectre is a good example. It’s hard to do that topic justice in 10 minutes.

The Topics

Mike and Scott have a goal to make this podcast educational and demystify the current IT security stack while putting attack vectors, threats and vulnerabilities into context. Upcoming podcasts will cover the state of CVEs, what makes a good WAF, Linux kernel security, Docker container security, OSSEC, the real story behind the Equifax hack and more. We have a long list that seems to be growing quickly. With that said, we also want to answer questions that are important to listeners. If you would like to suggest a topic or guest, please click the button below and let us know what the heck you are thinking.


If You Like It, Please Give Us a 5-Star Rating

We hope you like the Linux Security Podcast and tell your friends about it. Hey, we are taking the time to record this and hope it will reach an audience beyond our parents and close relatives. Also, if you do like it, please give us a 5-star rating and leave a review in Apple Podcasts or wherever you prefer to listen. Once we get to 10 reviews on Apple Podcasts, we plan to start doing listener shout-outs in the episodes. When we get to 20, we will start taking listener questions. Why do we want reviews? Simple, it tells us what people like and don’t like and the byzantine Apple Podcast discovery algorithm biases to podcasts that get a number of 5-star reviews. So, listen and review when you get a chance. And, subscribe!