Improving OSSEC Manageability, Security, and Compliance with Atomic Enterprise OSSEC - Atomicorp - Unified Security Built on OSSEC

Improving OSSEC Manageability, Security, and Compliance with Atomic Enterprise OSSEC

With more than 500,000 downloads per year and hundreds of thousands of active installs, OSSEC is the world’s most widely used open source host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS).  OSSEC is used by organizations in virtually every industry and geography to meet critical security and compliance requirements both on-premise and in the cloud.

The open source OSSEC HIDS offers powerful and flexible capabilities including intrusion detection, file integrity monitoring (FIM), rootkit detection, and active response, all through a command line interface.

For organizations with larger deployments, significant compliance requirements, or the need for advanced enterprise features or support, Atomicorp offers Atomic Enterprise OSSEC.  Atomic Enterprise OSSEC provides a seamless upgrade for OSSEC users who want to unlock advanced features.

Atomic Enterprise OSSEC enhances OSSEC for security, compliance, and manageability.

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Comparing OSSEC and Atomic Enterprise OSSEC


The below chart will help you understand whether Atomic Enterprise OSSEC is a good fit for your organization’s requirements.

Feature OSSEC Atomic Enterprise OSSEC
Management Interface Command Line GUI
Host-based Intrusion Detection, Log-based Intrusion Detection, File Integrity Monitoring, Rootkit Detection, Active Response    
Threat Intelligence    
Compliance Report (PCI, DISA, others)    
Expert Technical Support    
Graphical OSSEC Rule Manager    
OSSEC Rule Development Support    
Custom Alerts for File Integrity Monitoring    
Graphical Rollback Management    
Active Response Management    
Log & Alert Data Broker    


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