Trustwave ModSecurity EOL Ended a Product, Not ModSecurity in General

Posted on by Dean Lombardo

Enduring Support for Trustwave ModSecurity EOL and ModSec Customers ModSecurity, a popular open-source web application firewall (WAF) for Apache, Nginx, and Microsoft IIS servers, Kubernetes containers, and many web content platforms, has endured both the test of time and false rumors of its demise. As early as August 2021, many in the cybersecurity media and […]

Open Source WAFs for Web Application Security and Compliance

Posted on by Mike Shinn

What is a WAF versus a firewall? . . . and why should IT security departments spin web application firewalls (WAFs) across the web and cloud workload architecture?  Consider the ubiquitous web attacks testing your servers and APIs all day long, looking for ways into your digital enterprise and its information. It’s a constant and […]