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We trust our server security to Atomic Secured Linux because it works. We’ve used it for years and it has been essential in keeping dark forces at bay.One of our clients hired a high-profile team to test the security of their site we built and host for them. The attacking team couldn’t even get started until we completely whitelisted all their IPs under Atomic Secured Linux :)We are a programming shop first and a value add hosting company for just our clients. Atomic Secured Linux means we don’t have to worry about a lot of the bad parts of the internet and allows us to focus on client services.

Julian Moffatt, Visual Lizard

As the owner of a web agency I make it a very high priority of mine to be sure that we have very secure web servers. It is one of many things that sets us apart from our competition. Our investment in AS/L has played a significant role in our rapid growth. Our direct competition has nothing like this level of security. Our small and medium business clients give us their full attention when we review our AS/L system that their mission critical website will be on. This statement may come back to bite me, but hey…here it is….AS/L is waaaay underpriced!

Peter Gerardi, OvaTek Web Solutions

Websites owners rarely know what it takes to manage a site. They commission a site running open source platforms like joomla, wordpress or drupal. And expect it’s fire and forget, and never updating them later on.We had problems with customer sites getting hacked/injected due to old third part addons in these platforms. After installing AS/L, that problem have all but disappeared. AS/L have saved our customers thousands of dollars in man hours fixing compromised sites.

Mikael, Snowpeak Hosting

I’ve used Atomicorp for years and have always been thrilled with your quality of service and responsive support. Using the Atomicorp Repository, ModSecurity rule set and Atomic Secured Linux gives me great peace of mind and I’ve found Atomicorp totally dependable and expert. The level of security provided pays for itself many times over and knowing I have that sort of expertise and technology on my side makes it the single best security decision I’ve made.

Paul, Hudson Digital Limited

I would never allow a standard Linux Server or Plesk Linux Server in our environment either external or internal to run without AS/L. Once you run AS/L and take your first look at the log’s or start getting your first notifications you will see instantly that it is protecting you in ways you would never had thought of. By far the best protection out there for the money and the support is also top notch

James Nascimento, East Coast Commerce Solutions

As a small consulting firm I was asked by clients several years ago to provide hosting services for their websites. After setting up a dedicated server to support website hosting for my clients I immediately began to experience security issues. Dealing with these issues consumed so much of my time I decided there must be a better way. During my research I discovered Atomicorp and was immediately impressed. I installed their Atomic Security Linux product and my web hosting experience changed from a nightmare to a pleasure. I cannot say enough about the quality of support I have received over the years I have been a customer. To anyone who is looking for a Linux web server security solution, in my opinion, Atomic Security Linux is your answer! Thanks Atomicorp for your dedication and fantastic support.

Ken Burgess, ISKB Inc.

Atomic Secured Linux provides us with a comprehensive way of securing and monitoring our Linux web servers. With automatic Mod Security rule updates, and multiple layers of security right down to the Linux Kernel we finally feel that our clients website security needs are being met.The Atomic support staff provided us with enterprise quality installation support which allowed us to roll out AS/L on our production environment with ease and with no downtime.”

Wes Render, Otherdata Networks

Having tried the delayed Atomicorp ModSec feed for a few years and never once finding any false positives we decided to invest in the real-time feed. Whether or not your installation has any of these programming vulnerabilities is rendered “moot” as they are now blocked before your scripts get accessed.With so many threats and attempted breaches out there we wanted protection sooner rather than later and, based on the delayed feed, felt confident that the rules were not going to cause any bona fide clients to get denied.So far so good. The rules block countless malicious attempts every day and legitimate visitors are none the wiser. Most attempts are fishing for ways to inject PHP code to escalate access.The Atomcorp Gotroot real time feed rules are well worth the extra expense together with a pre-existing well formed security regime and strategy.

Dr James Allen, Phi Network Systems

Using the Atomicorp real time ModSecurity rules have allowed us to protect our customers’ websites from virtually any attack. Before implementing the Atomicorp ModSecurity rules, we had at least a handful of our clients’ websites hacked and defaced every month because they were using outdated software or they uploaded some insecure script to their site. It was a ton of work to restore, fix the issue and get the site back up.. not to mention that in the end, the customer was still upset.Since implementing the Atomicorp ModSecurity rules, we haven’t had a single website hacked or defaced in any way. In my book, that says it all. I am an Atomicorp customer for life.

Ray Perea, Snap Web Systems

Before I discovered Atomicorp’s Web Application Firewall I had my site hacked several times over the years and never felt like I could keep up with all the changing security rules. The WAF installed easily and the web-based admin panel lets me see in detail that it is actively defending my site from attacks around the clock – usually many probes an hour. My sites have remained secure ever since I installed it.

Rowland Archer, Hittin’ the Web Group 

As a web designer hosting a stable of client sites, running a VPS can be an enormous headache that is often more trouble than it’s financially worth. Atomic Secure Linux has helped enormously to relieve that burden, ensuring that my server is secure against persistent and emergent security vulnerabilities. Now I don’t have to spend all my time patching holes or recovering from hacks and I can finally get back to doing what I do best: Designing websites.

Daniel Sieradski, The Self Agency

At Managed Data Solutions, our customers demand the highest levels of security and performance. The Atomicorp real time rules provide us with reliable, up-to-date and high speed intrusion prevention rules which form a critical component of our security strategy.

Nathan N, Managed Data Solutions

Much of the Linux community benefits from Atomicorps efforts, but it is their paid products that really shine. I can’t imagine actually running a public facing Linux server without Atomic Secured Linux.

Cian de Buitléir, Draiocht

We have been happily using AS/L since 2007 . It has helped us a lot in providing “Stress-Free Hosting” to our clients. Scott and his team has proved very helpful during the time of need. Great Product, Great Service and Peace of Mind !

Gaurav Arora, GRABWeb Managed Hosting

We have used AS/L from Atomicorp for many years. It brings a peace of mind and protection that is critical in these days of the wrong people constantly trying to hack into servers. The response to support requests is fantastic in speed and responsiveness. We are delighted with their service in every way.

Expat Email Ltd

Following a hacker attack we deployed Atomicorp AS/L on our dedicated server. The recommendations made by Atomicorp Support helped us to resolve our hacking issues and our server is now operating with tighter security. Because of time zones support responses are sometimes delayed but always helpful. Fortunately, we have now run for over 6 months trouble free and we attribute this to the protection we get from AS/L. We know we are constantly under ‘attack’ from the logs.

DN, United Kingdom

As a webhost our utmost concern is the security our customers’ websites and content. AtomiCorp’s services are extremely vital to us in protecting our webservers and providing the safest hosting environment as possible.

Michael, Hostica

AS/L provides us with an invaluable suite of security software wrapped in an easy to use GUI. It both hardens our server against attack and crucially gives us easy visibility on attempts to compromise it – which is great in way of steering us to further secure our device and applications on it. I don’t feel safe without AS/L on my Plesk on Cent OS server. In a time of increasing attempted hacks on businesses of all sizes I strongly recommend AS/L to anyone who cares about their server’s security.Additionally their support is courteous and responsive.

Peter Reynolds, See Design

I highly recommend the realtime Atomicorp GotRoot ModSecurity Rules for apache. The installation is a breeze, updates are automatic and the rules add another layer of security for public facing webservers.

John Quaglieri, Interserver

We are using the ModSecurity Rules from Atomicorp on all our webservers. Security is a very important part for our company and the Rules are a important part of our security strategy. The Rules are updated very often and the support is great in case we have questions. We love these Rules and will surely add it to all our new webservers in the future!

Michael Brunner, NovaTrend Services GmbH

We came across Atomicorp a couple of years ago; however, we were reluctant to give it a try even after reading all the good things about it. We have just installed AS/L a couple of months ago and we can now sleep at night. We should have installed AS/L a couple of years ago when we first came across it. Would have saved us a lot of grief. Great product and support and we would never operate another server without it!

Ross Lebel,

Atomicorp products are the best investment we have ever made to secure our systems. AS/L by far outperforms other systems on the market in terms of feature set, service and price. It enables us to reduce our workload dramatically, increase the servers security on many levels and vectors and assure necessary compliance. Whenever a security hole is reported we realize that we are secured even before it came out. A great benefit and above standard is also the outstanding support we receive within a short period of time from the support portal and from the founders via the forum for questions, feature requests and security concerns. The products are also accompanied by free additions like the repositories which also decrease our workload and increase our systems security and stability. As satisfied customers we highly recommend the products and services from Atomicorp.

Martin Tomczyk, Brand Revolutions GmbH

AS/L is our security platform of choice for all our PCI-compliant servers, and has saved us tons of time and effort in maintaining compliance with the PCI standards. Thank you Atomicorp for a cost-effective and reliable UTM system.

Arie Claassens, iGROUP

For the past several years we have used Atomic Secured Linux to protect our servers and we know of no better solution to protect our clients’ websites and our infrastructure. Super easy installation – Practical Web interface – best possible protection.

Matthias Maass, weblink

Mod_security is only as useful as the rules you give it. We’ve been using the AtomiCorp rules subscription for over a year, and have been most impressed. (Yes, by usingthe “rules only” subscription, rather than the pricier “AS/L”, you have to install and update the rules yourself. Installation is well documented, however, and a batch file takescare of the updates.) Why am I impressed? 3 main reasons:1. Fast reactions. The rules are updated about 6 times a week, but typically within a few hours of a new exploit for a popular website script appearing in the wild. Theupdates seem well-tested, as there are few false-positives. The ability to react quickly to new threats is a key feature in any mod_security rules provider.2. ClamAV signatures. With the WAF rules come optional ClamAV signatures. I’d recommend using these, as they pick up viruses circulating by email that thestock “freshclam” updates seem to miss.3. Support. Open a ticket, and AtomiCorp will usually have an update within a few (business) hours. I’ve done this with false positives, where the rules need tweaking,or with new viruses circulating by email. Once, I found something suspicious in website logs, that suggested malicious bot traffic, and they were able to write a new ruleto exclude these visits. They seem to realise that the only way to stay at the top of their game is to respond to support requests from real users; no honeypots or automatedtests will ever react to the real world as well as this.Great work AtomiCorp!

James Oakley, OakHosting

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