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Two Rules of a Good Web Application Firewall



There are two rules of a good web application firewall (WAF). Atomicorp CEO Mike Shinn talks about stopping attacks and not interfering with legitimate traffic in today’s video interview. He also discusses how failure along these two principles led directly to the Equifax hack.

The Most Comprehensive Modsecurity WAF

Atomic Secured WAF is the most comprehensive Modsecurity web application firewall package because it is 10 years in the making and started from a fundamental understanding of both Linux and security. Even better, Atomicorp offers both a free and advanced package so users can determine what is best for their environment.

Proprietary WAFs have become extremely expensive. Many now cost tens of thousands of dollars just to get started. Modsecurity is open source and is proving more attractive to both enterprises and midsize businesses each year. It is also fundamentally changing price expectations in the market. To learn more about Atomic Secured WAF or to try out free Modsecurity rule set, click the buttons below.


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