How OSSEC Offers A New FIM Option for Compliance and Security

Posted on by Charles Gold

Mike Shinn is Atomicorp CEO and will be presenting at the upcoming OSSEC Conference on using OSSEC for FIM. He recently sat down for a Q&A on the history of FIM and why OSSEC is becoming an increasingly popular option for enterprises. Tell us about how FIM originated and what it is used for? Mike […]

Three Trends in Tech. One Common Thread. Linux. That Makes Securing Your Linux Assets More Important Than Ever.

Posted on by Charles Gold

    Linux is at the center of the top three trends in technology today: cloud, containers and the Internet of Things. The rapid adoption of these technologies also poses a security risk. There are more ways than ever for attackers to find a way in. While Linux is not inherently insecure, it is only […]

The Surprising Equifax Lesson. Patching Isn’t a Strategy.

Posted on by Mike Shinn

Everyone has now heard about the Equifax breach. It impacted millions of Americans who will face significant financial and credit risk for years while costing three senior Equifax executives their jobs. There is even talk that a nation state could use the information to target individuals with access to classified information. However, for businesses that […]

Two Rules of a Good Web Application Firewall

Posted on by Charles Gold

    There are two rules of a good web application firewall (WAF). Atomicorp CEO Mike Shinn talks about stopping attacks and not interfering with legitimate traffic in today’s video interview. He also discusses how failure along these two principles led directly to the Equifax hack. The Most Comprehensive Modsecurity WAF Atomic Secured WAF is […]

How Do You Protect Against 65 Billion Daily Attacks? Atomic Secured Linux.

Posted on by Charles Gold

    Atomic Secured Linux (ASL) is the most widely distributed full-stack security solution for Linux servers today. Our customers withstand 65 billion daily attacks. This volume has become the norm because attackers have proliferated and many now employ automation. The only way to combat this escalation is to automate defense. That is why ASL […]

Future of Everything Interviews CEO Mike Shinn on the Future of Cybersecurity

Posted on by Charles Gold

In a recent article, the Future of Everything interviewed CEO Mike Shinn and 30 other thought leaders to get their expert opinion on the future of cybersecurity. And more specifically, how the proliferation of IoT devices and the rise of cyber attacks will impact the industry. Shinn believes the best solution is to build secure […]

MindShare Selects CEO Mike Shinn for Class of 2017

Posted on by Charles Gold

Atomicorp CEO Mike Shinn joins the prestigious MindShare invitation-only program for CEOs of “emerging and fast-growth companies.” MindShare is an exclusive organization designed for CEOs of the most promising tech companies in the Washington D.C. area. The company announced its Class of 2017 today, which includes 59 other first-time CEOs hand-picked from over 200 nominations […]