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Why DevSecOps Is a Timely Discipline

DevSecOps… it’s just another buzzword, isn’t it?



Business Transformation.

Digital Transformation.

Infrastructure Modernization.

The cloud and software as a service (SaaS).

Virtualization and abstraction.

Turnkey automation and orchestration

Edge computing.

VMs and containers.


Do more with less.

WIth all this buzz and transformation, the security function risks falling behind. But security has its own buzzwords, DevSecOps among them, and can soar to keep pace.

SOAR, which stands for security orchestration, automation, and response, provides the active-response security tools required to protect today’s distributed, Internet-connected organizations. SOAR strives to simplify and optimize the balance of security and access in the provision of more rapid simple secure access.

The next security buzzword and call to action then becomes DevSecOps, aka SecDevOps, so that, once again, security isn’t an afterthought in your organization’s attempts at transformational and operational agility.

What Is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps is more than code, more than security personnel patching business services; it’s dialogue, integration and collaboration early during any business change management process.

In most cases, DevSecOps teams consist of three roles: network and application development folks, the business development types such as chief transformation officer or vice president of business services, and your security personnel. In this interdisciplinary convergence, when a new service is being launched or a business process changed, security is represented and gets a crack at providing its part in proactive DevSecOps.

Atomicorp provides cloud and server security and compliance, empowering security and compliance teams to keep up with the pace of change, including the growth of application container environments. It empowers you to gain visibility through monitoring for better security and improve risk management with metrics and compliance.

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