The Progression From OSSEC to Atomic OSSEC

Why OSSEC and How to Enhance Benefits Today

By Dean Lombardo

There are few single-source private data networks or datacenters anymore, with digitally transforming organizations dependent on a mix of internal, service provider, and cloud infrastructure provider network endpoints to access, store and share their information.

Toward securing this hybrid, distributed computing, many organizations have turned to the agile and flexible Open Source Security (OSSEC). Because of its free cost, flexibility and agility, OSSEC is the world’s most popular open source host-based intrusion detection system and a workhorse for tens of thousands of security and DevOps teams. A community security development platform like OSSEC gives you a solid toolset of data security and privacy capabilities such as:

  • Intrusion detection

  • Log management

  • File integrity monitoring

  • Active response

OSSEC brings tremendous power and it’s also flexible enough for most cloud, container, and server environments.

OSSEC+, the next evolution of OSSEC, helps organizations to better keep pace with digital business development and rapid new service launches. It offers wider security protection because your security needs technology that moves as quickly as your business does. OSSEC+ brings:

  • Real-time community threat sharing, so your threat detection is fueled by bigger data and analytics.

  • Machine learning (ML) that sharpens your file and system monitoring from a balanced secure access perspective.

  • 1,000s of new rules for securing open source environments.

  • Use of a security dashboard.

  • Built-in support for regulatory compliance.

OSSEC+ is a great free platform to orchestrate your security, but you need more from this technically challenging platform. With Atomic OSSEC, you get more – more integrated security functionality and dedicated support.

Atomic OSSEC

Atomic OSSEC is built specifically for organizations that need to leverage OSSEC in large or mission-critical environments. With a dedicated management console, thousands of pre-built OSSEC rules, compliance reporting, professional service support, and more, Atomic OSSEC makes it easy to deploy, manage, and use OSSEC in any on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environment.

Atomicorp eliminates the complexity and burden of cybersecurity and compliance by harnessing and extending the power of OSSEC and machine learning. Atomicorp aggregates and correlates data across the enterprise to automatically provide high fidelity active response and recovery in cloud and traditional environments. Atomicorp reduces costs, supports multi-platforms, and provides an interface to manage complex activities across the enterprise for compliance.


Here’s a look at what upgrading from OSSEC or OSSEC+ to Atomic OSSEC brings:


Capability OSSEC OSSEC+ Atomic OSSEC The Atomic Advantage
Enterprise support No No Yes Available on premises and/or as part of cloud-based SaaS.
File integrity monitoring Yes Yes Advanced The ability to monitor more than just files, keeping your databases, servers, cloud environments clean. You get the functionality of a full cloud workload protection solution.
Vulnerability scanning No No Yes Assess the vulnerabilities of files and their hosting environments, including directories, servers, and clouds, and reduce false alarms.
Active response No No Yes Be prepared for unknown attacks, as well as known, with machine learning and built-in seclusion capabilities.
2FA and hardware security key integration. No No Yes Integration with YubiKey and Google Titan.
OSSEC rules 1000 1000s 5000 5x the number of OSSEC rules.
Threat Intelligence No No Yes Global community threat data supporting your protection and active response.
Visualization dashboards No Yes Yes Several thousand additional rules and community threat intel data form the analytical basis for graphics.
Reporting and compliance Not integrated Not integrated Yes OpenSCAP, Center for Internet Security, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR.
SIEM Not integrated Not integrated Yes Out-of-the-box integration with Splunk, Arcsight, ELK, and others
Service support No No Yes Dedicated expertise to help you get the most out of your advanced OSSEC implementation.
Support for all major cloud platforms No No Yes AWS, Azure, GCP


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