Atomicorp and Atomic OSSEC 7.0: What’s New in 2022

Posted on by Dean Lombardo

It’s been a busy year at Atomicorp, and we’re proud to announce some of the fruits of our information security and compliance solution labors, including a new and enhanced version of our flagship endpoint and cloud workload protection solution, Atomic OSSEC, which delivers FIM and comprehensive PCI DSS controls.  Atomic OSSEC version 7.0 brings an […]

Defend Against Monster Web Attacks With Atomic WAF (Web Application Firewall) and Atomic ModSecurity Rules

Posted on by Mike Shinn

Monster of the Week; ModSecurity Rules and WAF to the Rescue Thar be monsters. Crimes are increasingly digital, with tens of thousands of websites getting hacked every day, on average. Malware can spread from there, infecting customers and members of the business supply chain. You know about the SolarWinds and Colonial Pipeline hacks, but there […]