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Secure Linux: Atomicorp includes DRBD for replication

This post was previously published on Linbit's company blog by Greg Eckert, which can be found here.  Every so often we get a chance to test new¹ software. Usually this opportunity is driven by the question: Does DRBD play nicely with it? At HostingCon [...]

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DC Inno Features Atomicorp CEO Michael Shinn

Recently, DC Inno interviewed CEO Michael Shinn to get his take on running a cybersecurity startup and the industry itself. The article highlights Atomicorp’s growth, like gainin [...]

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Atomicorp Releases Atomic Secured IoT Kernel – the Fastest and Most Robust Method to Implement IoT Security

Chantilly, VA, September 7, 2017 – Atomicorp, the leader in secure Linux, today announced Atomic Secured IoT Kernel, the first secure Linux kernel product specifically packaged f [...]

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Atomicorp Releases Free WAF Rule Set for ModSecurity

Chantilly, VA, August 24, 2017 – Atomicorp, the leader in secure Linux, today announced a free set of web application firewall (WAF) rules for ModSecurity.  Atomicorp’s founde [...]

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Atomicorp Releases First Kernel-Level Docker Security and is Available Today Through AWS, Azure and Direct

Chantilly, VA, August 16, 2017 – Atomicorp, the leader in secure Linux, today announced the first hardened Linux kernel designed specifically to protect Docker containers from en [...]

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Atomicorp Adds Former Mach37 Managing Partner Rick Gordon to Board of Directors

Chantilly, VA, August 15, 2017 – Atomicorp, the leader in secure Linux, today announced that former Mach37 Cyber Accelerator Founding Managing Partner, Rick Gordon, has joined th [...]

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Future of Everything Interviews CEO Mike Shinn on the Future of Cybersecurity

In a recent article, the Future of Everything interviewed CEO Mike Shinn and 30 other thought leaders to get their expert opinion on the future of cybersecurity. And more specifica [...]


MindShare Selects CEO Mike Shinn for Class of 2017

Atomicorp CEO Mike Shinn joins the prestigious MindShare invitation-only program for CEOs of “emerging and fast-growth companies.” MindShare is an exclusive organization design [...]


HostingCon Reveals Top 2 Challenges for Hosting Providers

At HostingCon last week there was a jeopardy-like game that collected feedback from the attendees. One question related to the top business challenges facing hosting providers [...]


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