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Adding Elliptic Curve Noise Socket Crypto to Your OSSEC Deployment

Dmitry Dain, co-founder and CTO of Virgil Security recently spoke at the OSSEC Conference 2018 about using encryption. In introducing Dmitry, OSSEC project manager Scott Shinn expressed the importance of the recent contributions by Virgil to the project. Scott [...]

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OSSEC 3.0 Preview

At the OSSEC Conference 2018 earlier this month, project manager Scott Shinn debuted OSSEC 3.0. Scott reviews what’s new with OSSEC, the changelog, the new GeoIP rules, provision [...]

OSSEC OSSEC Conference 2018

OSSEC Conference 2018 Recap – New Features, New Users, New Use Cases

Today, I am sending out a special thank you to everyone who made it to OSSEC Con 2018! It was great to meet so many people from all over the U.S. and even draw some international v [...]

OSSEC OSSEC Conference 2018

How OSSEC Logging Can Dramatically Reduce Your SIEM Costs

Mike Shinn is Atomicorp CEO. He took a few minutes to discuss logging, how it is used for cybersecurity and compliance and how OSSEC can be used reduce the volume of SIEM logs. At [...]

OSSEC OSSEC Conference 2018 SIEM Logging

How OSSEC Offers A New FIM Option for Compliance and Security

Mike Shinn is Atomicorp CEO and will be presenting at the upcoming OSSEC Conference on using OSSEC for FIM. He recently sat down for a Q&A on the history of FIM and why OSSEC i [...]


Knock Out 99 PCI DSS Requirements with Atomic Secured OSSEC

There are 270 PCI DSS requirements that must be addressed by any organization that accepts credit card payments. Compliance is required and can be a daunting task for all types of [...]

OSSEC PCI DSS Compliance

Atomicorp Announces OSSEC Conference for April 2018 and Preview of 3.0 Release

Chantilly, VA, February 20, 2018 – Atomicorp today announced that it will host OSSEC Conference 2018 on April 5-6 outside of Washington, DC in Chantilly, Virginia. The conference [...]

Press Release OSSEC

Hardened Kernels in Ubuntu & CentOS Images Make Docker Containers Secure.

    Docker containers are increasingly subjected to cyberattacks. Developers are looking to secure their Docker environments without compromising the effici [...]

Atomic Secured Docker Kernel Video

Announcing the 2018 OSSEC Conference

OSSEC is getting a big update this spring with the release of OSSEC 3.0 and Atomicorp is sponsoring a conference this April to go along with it. The 2018 OSSEC Conference will be h [...]


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