Small Business/SMB Alert: Why Workload and Cloud Workload Protection Matter

What is a workload? Among non-techy or more traditional sorts, ‘workload’ means the things we have on our plates, those things we must attend to or accomplish. But workload has a more modern meaning in the context of computing disciplines such as compute/analyze/store, cloud workload automation, cloud workload protection/cloud workload security, and an enigmatic thing […]

Endpoint Security and Moving to the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

(What is endpoint security? Atomicorp whitepaper provides seven easy steps to give endpoint security and secure access service edge, aka SASE, a boost. Read the whitepaper.) What is an endpoint and how many do you have? If you don’t know, chances are you struggle with endpoint security. Many vendors will tell you endpoint security is […]

What Is CMMC and How Can You Rapidly Position to Comply?

As organizations start to think about what their organizations will look like post-COVID, including potential permanent work-from-home situations to support the radical shifts in remote work technology adoption, there is yet another question looming: Are you getting ready for CMMC? Will you be ready? CMMC, or Cyber Maturity Model Certification, is a U.S. Dept of […]

OSSEC for FIM – 6 Whys and Ways to Security and Compliance

Leverage open source security (OSSEC) for file integrity monitoring (FIM), easier compliance, and to accelerate overall enterprise-strength security. 2020’s shift to large-scale remote work and distributed computing forced IT teams to roll out new or expanded services just to keep the business running. 2021 must be about reinforcing security and compliance across this rapidly- and […]

The Appeal of Open Source Security (OSSEC) to Small and Midsize Businesses

An open source DevSecOps approach enables small to midsize enterprises to keep pace with security threats as digital business expands. Atomic OSSEC intrusion detection and Atomic Protector cloud workload protection solutions reflect this open source DevSecOps approach, helping small IT teams to rapidly secure the services and apps they must deliver. Cyber-attacks are getting increasingly […]

Open-source intrusion detection system Atomic OSSEC is now available as easy to deploy and manage software as a service (SaaS)

OSSEC users can deploy security capabilities like file integrity monitoring and host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS) faster and get fuller value via an Atomic OSSEC SaaS model. Atomicorp now offers its Atomic OSSEC security platform through an easy software as a service (SaaS) delivery model. Offering Atomic OSSEC via SaaS provides customers with a number […]

Why OSSEC and How to Enhance Benefits Today

By Dean Lombardo There are few single-source private data networks or datacenters anymore, with digitally transforming organizations dependent on a mix of internal, service provider, and cloud infrastructure provider network endpoints to access, store and share their information. Toward securing this hybrid, distributed computing, many organizations have turned to the agile and flexible Open Source […]

Why DevSecOps Is a Timely Discipline

DevSecOps… it’s just another buzzword, isn’t it? *** Bzzzzz… Business Transformation. Digital Transformation. Infrastructure Modernization. The cloud and software as a service (SaaS). Virtualization and abstraction. Turnkey automation and orchestration Edge computing. VMs and containers. DevOps. Do more with less. WIth all this buzz and transformation, the security function risks falling behind. But security has […]

Free ModSecurity Rules From Leading OSSEC Provider

Free ModSecurity Rules provide 100s of rules and basic tools to protect your web application infrastructure and limit false positives. Leveraging our Free ModSecurity Rules provides a starting foundation for threat detection and response, always-on protection, automated tasks, reporting, and compliance. Why ModSecurity? Attack surfaces continue to expand and cyber adversaries are going after the […]