Snowpeak Hosting

“We had problems with customer sites getting hacked/injected due to old third part addons in these platforms. After installing ASL, that problem has all but disappeared.”

Visual Lizard

“We trust our server security to Atomic Secured Linux because it works. We’ve used it for years and it has been essential in keeping dark forces at bay.”

Virtual Patching

Virtual patching is an invaluable tool for immediate remediation to fix vulnerabilities in web applications. Atomic Secured Linux and the modsecurity rules contain thousands of Virtual Patches which we update everyday.

Sometimes you may need to patch a vulnerability in an application that we are not aware of, such as with a custom application.  This paper outlines exactly where and when Virtual Patching is appropriate, how it can be integrated into the Incident Response process, and how it can be integrated into the incident response process, and the proper steps for creating and testing real-world examples.