Hardened Kernels in Ubuntu & CentOS Images Make Docker Containers Secure.

Posted on by Charles Gold

    Docker containers are increasingly subjected to cyberattacks. Developers are looking to secure their Docker environments without compromising the efficiency and effectiveness of CI/CD processes. In today’s video blog, Scott Shinn talks about how developers can secure Docker while doing what they already do today. The only change is starting with a hardened OS […]

Three Trends in Tech. One Common Thread. Linux. That Makes Securing Your Linux Assets More Important Than Ever.

Posted on by Charles Gold

    Linux is at the center of the top three trends in technology today: cloud, containers and the Internet of Things. The rapid adoption of these technologies also poses a security risk. There are more ways than ever for attackers to find a way in. While Linux is not inherently insecure, it is only […]

Top 5 Atomicorp Blog Posts of 2017 ” Extending Linux Security to the Cloud, Containers, OSSEC and IoT

Posted on by Charles Gold

2017 brought even more focus on Linux platforms with the continued rise of cloud, containers, OSSEC and IoT adoption. The challenge confronting many IT departments is that the old security models and solutions don’t quite work in these new computing environments. Atomicorp stepped into this gap and introduced several new security solutions to help companies […]

How Do You Secure a Docker Container? Secure the Kernel First.

Posted on by Charles Gold

    CISOs and DevOps Take a Fresh Look at Docker Security Docker containers have revolutionized DevOps. However, their rapid adoption has well outpaced security practices. Very few Docker installations have any security measures in place at all. Traditional VPS and network security practices don’t protect container environments. This means containers are at risk even […]

Atomicorp Releases First Kernel-Level Docker Security and is Available Today Through AWS, Azure and Direct

Posted on by Mike Shinn

Chantilly, VA, August 16, 2017 ” Atomicorp, the leader in secure Linux, today announced the first hardened Linux kernel designed specifically to protect Docker containers from entire classes of cyber attacks. Atomic Secured Docker Kernel for Ubuntu and CentOS are available today on Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The secure kernel comes pre-packaged with […]