The VPN is Dead – The Prolonged Death Knell of the VPN (1996 to ????), Take 187… Take 188

Posted on by Dean Lombardo

“The VPN is dying.” “The VPN is dead.” “The death of the VPN!” “Wait, I still use a VPN for that.” “Long live the VPN.” You’ve heard it all countless times before. The headlines have been cyclical, copious and dogmatic over more than two decades, like a cosmic loop of inevitable banter about the weather. […]

Podcast: What is OSSEC and Why People Use It

Posted on by Mike Shinn

OSSEC, which is short for open source security, was founded in 2004. It is an open source project for cybersecurity and delivers the most robust endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities available to enterprises today. Scott Shinn, OSSEC project manager, introduced its most recent update to 3.0 at the OSSEC conference this past April. In […]