Podcast: What Is Virtual Patching and How Can It Enhance Security

Posted on by cody woods

Virtual patching is a way of implementing a security policy to eliminate or mitigate a vulnerability. It is not actually patching, but is a way to do something quick and external to the application. Why not just use a patch? Sometimes there is no patch available and other times speed is of the essence. And, […]

Podcast: What the Equifax Hack Tells Us About Cybersecurity

Posted on by Charles Gold

The Equifax data breach quickly arose to become one of the most notorious in history. It was large. Over 147 million people had their financial records exposed to hackers. At least as of March 2018 that was the number. It has been revised upward a number of times and there could be more. The data […]

The Surprising Equifax Lesson. Patching Isn’t a Strategy.

Posted on by Mike Shinn

Everyone has now heard about the Equifax breach. It impacted millions of Americans who will face significant financial and credit risk for years while costing three senior Equifax executives their jobs. There is even talk that a nation state could use the information to target individuals with access to classified information. However, for businesses that […]