What Is Air Gapping? Air Gapping for Security, PCI DSS Requirements, and Other Compliance Challenges

Posted on by sshinn

What is air gapping? Air gapping is something that is used within military environments, in airplanes, nuclear power plants, financial institutions and other critical infrastructure, but what is air gapping really? Air gapping is a cybersecurity and compliance measure in which one or more computers are physically disconnected, or isolated, from untrusted or unsecure networks […]

Cloud Compliance Tools: How the Cloud Complicates Compliance, and What You Can Do About It

Posted on by Dean Lombardo

(The cloud poses a host of data compliance challenges, including lack of visibility, confusion over whose responsibility it is to protect data, and the lack of an ideal standard compliance architecture. What’s needed is cloud compliance tools and a platform for security and compliance.) The cloud allows organizations to abstract core parts of their businesses, […]